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2015 Poker Run -

The Poker Run is a fun filled event sponsored by the Austin Kirby Foundation,

and all proceeds benefit Austin's House!  The day's activities include the Poker Run, BBQ, and lots of raffle prizes.  Registration is from 9-10 am on Saturday, September 19th at Century 21 Clark Properties at 1674 Highway 395 in Minden.

Hope to see you there - and don't forget you can participate without a motorcycle!  Bring your car, bicycle or horse and join the fun ;)


For more information, see the Austin's House Facebook page, or contact

Danny at 775-721-7111.

9 am Registration
Carson Valley Nevada

This great event features multiple bands and refreshments at the Carson Valley Inn's fabulous outdoor event space, TJ's Corral.   Thanks to the generosity of the Carson Valley Inn and GE, the concert is FREE and all proceeds from the event go to Austin's House!

5 PM
tj'S Corral Carson Valley Inn, Minden, NV